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Just a quick question about leg press. What is are the main pros and cons of the regular leg press machine vs the incline leg press? I am doing the michelle bridges 12 week body transformation and she asks you to do leg press sometimes. I have been using the regular leg press but in her demonstration videos, she used the incline leg press. I have never used the incline leg press's machine before. If I was to use it, what weight should I start with? I usually leg press 90kg. Would I be able to do more, less or the same weight on the incline leg press?

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Hi - the best way for you to figure this out is to just give it a go! Start with slightly less weight and see how your body responds. You'll figure out the appropriate load very quickly. I personally find the incline press a bit more comfortable with a bit more glute activation, but every body is different.

Krista Sirota 1.6k
about 1 year ago

When trying out a new exercise, always start light. Keep in mind that on a lot of the incline leg press machines, the sled actually weights quite a bit (I've seen some that weigh over 50kg). In my personal experience, I could always incline leg press far more than I could with the seated version. When I used to do them I could rep out over 300kg on the incline, but could only manage something like 160kg on the seated version.

Callum Lynch 5.4k
about 1 year ago

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